Establishment Information

Hours of opening

The centre is open from Monday to Friday 50 weeks per years, from 8.00am - 5.00pm, closing only for 7 public holidays and 5 in-service staff training days. Most nursery placements are offered on a term time basis and parents who require the service during school holiday periods are required to pay for this service. At present this service costs £4.10 per hour. Over Christmas and New Year a restricted service is offered.

Bluebird Family Centre is a non-denominational educational establishment. We respect and welcome children and families of all religious faiths and beliefs.

Our Session times are as follows:

Morning Session -  8.45am - 11.55am                                                                                                   

Afternoon Session - 12.30pm - 3.40pm

For parents who are in employment or full time education there is flexible placements of:

Mon: 8.45am - 3.05pm Tues: 8.45am - 3.05pm Wed: 8.45am - 11.55am


Wed: 12.30pm - 3.40pm Thurs: 8.45am - 3.05pm Fri: 8.45am - 3.05pm

Wraparound placements are flexible to meet the needs of families between the hours of 8.00am till 4.55pm.

The Centre caters for :

0-2 years 9 places
2-3 years 15 places
3-5 years 35 places

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